Flatware Sets

In order to eat all of the gnocchi and canned good creations you’ve been cooking as of late, a set of flatware — or at least a fork or spoon — is essential. And while we’ve written about lots of things for your tablescape before — including the best starter plates, dishwasher-safe placemats, and artsy paper napkins— here, we’ve rounded up the best flatware sets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers

Nearly 80 percent of reviewers give this flatware set five stars, and more than 100 of them specifically mention the set’s weight and stability. “The knives, tablespoons, and dinner forks are generous in both weight and size, yet feel perfect in hand,” one explains, adding that “the teaspoon and salad fork are scaled down versions of their larger brethren.” One reviewer, who is over six feet tall and 250 pounds, claims not to be “gentle on anything honestly,” and proudly reports “that these hold up to my abuse.” Just as important, reviewers agree that this flatware looks nice, and they appreciate the choice between a scalloped, rounded, pearled, or square edge. Some reviewers do find the ubiquitous AmazonBasics to be an eyesore — it’s on “the side of the knife blade adn on the backs of all forks and spoons” — it’s not bothersome to most. Including this reviewer, who says, “the cutlery is shiny, simple, elegant, and my grandmother would not turn her nose up at it.”